Made in the USA

American Gas Springs (AGS) uses Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel for the fabrication and assembly of our high quality Stainless Steel gas springs / shocks / dampers to guarantee a long lifecycle time even in harsh environments.

Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel is commonly manufactured for and utilized in Marine/Boating Applications, Chemical Plants, Medical Facilities, Food Storage Appliances, and for a wide variety of other Industries.

All of our Standard series, locking gas springs, traction gas springs, and dampers are available in Full Stainless Steel including a Special Seal Package for a long life-cycle time. However our most popular is our Hybrid model which has a Stainless Steel shell with a Black Nitride Rod. The rod is the most critical part of any gas spring since the rod is mostly inserted inside the cylinder. The outside of the cylinder and its connectors are the only (non-critical) parts that are exposed. In many situations gas springs are also protected by shelter and therefore are more protected from harsh environments. These circumstances don't ask for top-quality Full Stainless Gas springs but attractively priced Hybrids.

At AGS we take pride in thinking a few steps ahead of our customers, and we customize the price and our technique to match your individual needs. AGS also offers a wide variety of end fittings and brackets to mount our gas springs and dampers accordingly.

You will find our top quality products in almost every market such as military vehicles, boats, yachts, food storage, refrigerators and freezers, cargo boxes, hatches, access panels, sailboats, monitor arms, floor and roof hatches, windows, awnings, cars and trucks, airplanes, satellites, and more.

We encourage you to compare our products with those of our competitors and are certain that you will appreciate the dedication to quality that goes into every product designed and manufactured by AGS. We are constantly improving on our existing products so we can provide the highest quality and greatest functionality possible at a competitive price.

Call us today at 1-888-220-6093 to discuss your needs of Full Stainless Steel or our Hybrid models of Stainless Steel w/ Black Nitrate Rods.