Made in the USA

American Gas Springs (AGS) has standard gas springs in different sizes for a wide range of applications. However we realize that gas springs Custom Gas Shocks are not always included with the original blueprint plans and special configurations are required at the last moment. By using our online configurator, you can minimize the time it will take you to search and track down the right custom gas strut or gas shock and quickly generate an AGS product code for your custom designed gas springs / gas shocks to fit your needs. Make sure you write this code down before you call the number below and we will double check that you designed exactly what you need.

Alternatively, the AGS engineering department can design and custom-build gas springs to your specifications with just a phone call.

Call us today at 1-888-220-6093 to discuss your needs of Custom Standard Gas Springs, Custom Full Stainless Steel Gas Springs or Custom Hybrid models of Stainless Steel Gas Springs w/ Black Nitrate Rods.