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American Gas Springs (AGS) is a true American manufacturer of exceptional quality gas springs, with facilities in the beautiful State of Oregon. With over 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing in this industry, AGS has become the leader in high-quality gas spring technology. Our team of engineers delivers highly-advanced gas spring solutions to almost every industry, both nationwide and internationally. AGS is a custom manufacturer focused on attention to detail, short lead times and 100% customer satisfaction. AGS is a modern and well-equipped company with the latest CNC technology, testing equipment and automated production lines.

Company Goals

Worldwide leader in OEM Manufacturing of gas springs and hydraulic dampers. Types: Standard gas springs, traction gas springs, lockable gas springs and dampers. Specializing in custom orders of special gas springs in large quantities. AGS offers free help from our engineers who can implement our products into your applications. Free samples after agreement on Price Quote. We simply can not Always be the cheapest but most of the time we will meet the price you want. We do stand out in service and quality and strive to have a 100% customer satisfaction.

Listening to the needs of our customers from all over the globe, we have invested in technology and are constantly improving our designs. Our engineer’s work to constantly improve on design and processes to ensure the delivery of the best possible product. American Gas Springs offers cost effective solutions -- whether the quantity is small or large. Our gas springs orders are built to order assuring you that our gas springs have not sat on the shelf. Our products are optimal and truly stronger due the feedback from our customers and the passion for success from our engineers.

American Gas Springs (AGS) was established in 2015 as a result of business people who have been designing, manufacturing, and applying gas spring related products for many industries for over 25 years. AGS manufactures many different types of gas springs and dampers in a wide range of sizes and strengths to supply industries around the globe with high quality products at very competitive prices.

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