Titan Lift Damper by American Gas Springs (AGS) TITAN DAMPERS are designed to control Motion. The look is very similar to Standard gas springs. Special designs allow to adjust the motion speed, free-fall, full stroke control and vibration control. They are the highest quality in the industry. Conscious choices of quality materials are guarantee for endurance and a long life time. For environments like marine or food industries we have the same quality in a Stainless Steel 316 available.

Steady growth of the company means also growth of our responsibilities. Controlled waste management and responsible choices of materials and production processes makes AGS a clean and environmentally friendly production company.


medical; automotive; aerospace; bicycle; motorcycle; machine industry; furniture; trucking, marine; any military; sport and exercise; Kitchen cabinets; entertainment; computer; mining; oil-industry etc.


AGS dampers provide speed and motion control using hydraulic oil damping in either extension, compression, or both directions with or without support of nitrogen gas pressure. Their look and outer design is similar to gas springs, so the intended function and purpose is what determines when a damper is needed instead of a gas spring.

Damper Types (4)

  • Code DST-Standard damper:Build-in Free fall and controlled fixed damping.
  • Code DFL- Damper with separate oil chamber can also be supplied with and extension Force.
  • Code DMC- Motion adjustable damper.
  • Code DMF-damper with a fixed constant motion over entire stroke.

American Gas Springs (AGS) was established in 2015 to manufacture and provide a multitude of different gas springs and dampers in a wide range of pressurization, sizes, and strengths to supply industries around the globe with high quality products with brilliant designs at very competitive prices.



Rod Ø/Cyl. Ø - max stroke-max Force.F1

  • 4/12 – 10-150mm - xxN
  • 6/15 - 10-150mm - xxN
  • 8/18 - 10-300mm - xxN
  • 8/19 - 10-300mm - xxN
  • 10/22 - 20-800mm - xxN
  • 14/27 - 20-1000mm - xxN
  • 14/28 - 20-1000mm - xxN
  • 20/40 - 20-1000mm - xxN

Total Length and Requirement:

  • Depending on the above choice our website or engineers provide a general formula to calculate.


  • Many varieties are possible. See our website for the choices and latest developments.

Speed and Damping:

  • You specify, we make it.


  • Rod-Scarper
  • Cover Tube
  • Lockable Cover Tubes
  • Refill Valve
  • High Temperature Seals
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Friction Pistons
  • Floating Pistons